1 Month - 300 METAQ
3 Month - 1,500 METAQ
6 Month - 4,500 METAQ
Total sales of 2,000 NFTs
+ 10 special NFTs
Profit through staking
Activity in the game
NFT Sales Schedule
1st pre-sales - August 31, 2022, 6:00 UTC
2nd pre-sales - to be announced later
3rd pre-sales - to be announced later
4th pre-sales - to be announced later
5th pre-sales - Before 2 weeks Nova 1492 NFT game launched.
Q. What is Nova 1492 NFT?
A. NOVA 1492 was the only Korean RTS game that threatened StarCrafts dominance in the early days of service, starting with the official service in May 2002, and is a legendary game with over 5 million users who enjoyed the game.
Q. Where to buy Nova 1492 NFT and with what?
A. You can purchase it on the Nova Presale page with METAQ Coins.
Q. What does the Nova 1492 NFT do?
A. Transactions between users in the market / Acquire additional METAQ Coins by staking /After the game is released, the NFT will be updated with new features.
Q. When will the Nova 1492 NFT game be released?
A. We are working hard with the goal of the first half of 2023.
Q. What is the Nova 1492 Special NFT Card?
A. It is a special NFT that has a function separate from the general NFT.
Q. Where can I find the Nova 1492 Special NFT Card?
A. You can find it on the Nova 1492 pre-sale page, the challenge page, etc.

MetaQ's challenge will not stop.

Staking Period : 1month
Staking Compensation : 1%
Staking Period : 3months
Staking Compensation : 5%
Staking Period : 6months
Staking Compensation : 16%
It is impossible to cancel staking once it has started.
Depending on the specified staking period, the rewards will vary.
Staking is only possible until the start of the Nova 1492 game.
If the staking deadline has not expired and the game is released, the staking will end immediately and the staking amount will be paid on a daily basis.
Please refer to the back of the NFT for the benefits of staking.
In the case of a unique level, the staking amount according to the period is indicated on the back of the NFT separately.