Meta Drops Guide
The absolute value of NFT is not guaranteed, and any losses resulting therefrom are attributable to you.
It is a drop method that sets the price of the corresponding NFT through free price competition.
During the process, the winning price is updated in real time.
The price at the end of the drops is determined as the final winning bid.
You can participate in Metadrops only with a MetaQ account.
Bids cannot be canceled once they have been bid, so please make your bid carefully.
The amount of METAQ participating in Drops will not be returned or canceled until Drops ends.
The end time may be extended up to one day in the event of an event.
NFT will be paid to the account within 7 days after the final winning bid is determined.
Assets used for bidding are excluded from the tradable amount for as long as those rights remain. (Withdrawal and transaction not allowed)
Drops deadlines may be different depending on the device or web environment.
When participating in Drops, the quantity cannot be the same as that of the previous participant, and only a higher quantity than the previous participant can participate.
You cannot renew your own bid.