[Notice] Q&A about Crypto Fishing games and balancing updates


Hello, this is Metaplanet.

Recently, Crypto Fishing game and balancing updates have been carried out. The main issues of this update are P2E (NFT) game economy balancing and efficient management of MetaQ network resources.

As many users already know, the key to P2E (NFT) games is the balancing of the game economy linked to the real economy, unlike general games. If this part is not maintained in a sustainable form, the value of the P2E game and its associated coins will eventually converge to zero. There are several types of crypto currency and P2E games, but many of them are frequently neglected or shut down after the economic ecosystem lasts less than 6 months.

Maintaining a sustainable economic ecosystem is key for MetaQ to function properly as a key currency for high-quality games and content as a governance coin.

As seen in the recent Terra-Luna incident, it is a very difficult task in reality for a foundation or company to completely operate a virtual currency economic ecosystem. And no one has yet come up with an answer. However, we are struggling to find our own solution based on the data and experience we have accumulated over the years.If the system fails to distribute and becomes multi-leveled, or if the initial response is delayed, and resource distortion deepens, most economic ecosystems are likely to collapse.

In order for game/coin users and developers to preserve mutual benefits and maintain a continuous win-win relationship, the system is designed to  efficiently manage limited MetaQ node/network resources so that resources are distributed rationally and fairly among participating members.  We are well aware that complaints such as changes in profits are being received in this update.  However, we sincerely ask for your understanding in the mid-to-long-term as a process for the survival of the MetaQ ecosystem and securing competitiveness.

We will spare no effort to increase and maintain the value of MetaQ by opening more games and content services in the future. 

Thank you.