KOSDAQ-listed GNC Energy confirms investment in MetaPlanet

Metaplanet (CEO Shin Jeong-yeop) announced on the 12th that it has confirmed the attraction of equity investment from GNC Energy, a KOSDAQ-listed company.

Along with this investment attraction, Metaplanet and GNC Energy held a business agreement ceremony to proceed with the issuance of CERs using NFT.
GNC Energy is a KOSDAQ-listed company that produces electricity through biogas generated from food wastewater facilities. The growth of the business is accelerating due to the increase in demand for eco-friendly and renewable energy and the supply contract for data center generators worth 27.6 billion won.
GNC Energy has confirmed the attraction of equity investment in Metaplanet and is also working hard for the success and development of projects in the eco-friendly business field using NFT.

The two companies signed a business agreement for cooperation and development and agreed to faithfully implement it.

The main contents of this MOU include ▲ Expansion of NFT ecosystem using blockchain mainnet and NFT ▲Issuance of NFT for CERs ▲Joint promotion of ESG convergence service ▲Promotion of eco-value project through technology convergence.

The carbon credit trading market is expected to be a market with great growth potential, and it is predicted that synergy effects can be seen by convergence of NFT based on blockchain technology, which has recently been attracting attention, and carbon neutrality and identity authentication based technologies.

Shin Jeong-yeop, CEO of Metaplanet, said, "I am very happy to receive the investment from GNC Energy, a pioneer in domestic renewable energy. It feels like the technology and sincerity of Metaplanet have been certified. Although it started as an NFT-P2E game business using NFT, I want to play a role as a big platform in the blockchain industry by linking diversified businesses such as establishing a transparent donation culture using NFT and NFT of CERs.” In addition, he added, "We plan to release various NFT games within the year, starting with the MetaQ Project Crypto Fishing NFT-P2E game currently in service."