CEO interview of Metaplanet. METAQ has stability through its own mainnet.

A company with a strong IP rebuild experience base...P&E market use of past IP will be highlighted.

Metaplanet CEO Jeong-yup Shin, who entered the market by launching the P2E game Crypto Fishing in the global market on April, is a person with roots in the existing game industry.

In a market where the uncertainty of the virtual asset market and the risk of virtual assets without collateral are emerging, CEO Jeong-yeop Shin showed his will to erase the negative image of the P2E market by guaranteeing the game ability of the service based on his own mainnet.

CEO Jeong-yeop Shin joined NCsoft in the early 2000s and was in charge of editing MMORPG scenarios for Lineage PM and overseas developers to improve their understanding of the game industry. And accumulated experience in using it. Judging from his history alone, it can be said that he is a person who has experienced the entire game industry ecology.

CEO of Metaplanet, Jeong-yeop Shin 

As a person with a history based on the game industry, CEO Shin Jung-yeop made a winning move in the P&E market with the value of the game itself and its own main net. In other words, they have found a breakthrough in these two anxiety factors amid the recent plunge in the value of Luna, how risky virtual assets without collateral assets, and the fact that using third-party mainnets could leave room for unintended problems.

It is also noteworthy that he has gained experience in related markets even before the terms P&E and P2E emerged. In 2019, Dragon EX, a cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore, has proposed linking games to blockchain-based virtual currencies, and in the process, it learned that combining virtual currencies and games can create strong synergy.

CEO Shin said, "At that time, about 10% of the transactions on the exchange were game-related transactions. There was no word for P2E, but it was an experience to see how much this concept could grow the game market. In addition, in this process, we have gained experience in linking virtual currency with games developed by Unity," he explained.

MetaPlanet is working on its own P&E game ecosystem, MetaQ Project. With the plan to form its own mainnet and establish an ecosystem linked to game services and virtual currency transactions, it is difficult to quickly introduce new technologies in the blockchain market that are developing breathlessly when using third-party APIs, and game development cannot proceed in detail.

CEO Shin Jung-yeop emphasized the strengths of his own mainnet.

CEO Jeong-yeop Shin emphasized that the advantage of Metaplanet is that it operates its own mainnet.

CEO Shin said, “Even when we first started our business, the opportunity to choose the mainnet was open, but we decided to proceed with the business based on Cube Chain mainnet, which we developed for 6 years. The point is that the game DB and the blockchain DB can be linked quickly. Each game coin of a different genre can be designed to interact with other games. This may be limited when using a third-party mainnet. We have a mainnet we made, so we thought we should try this first. I expect that it will be possible to design more detailed block chains than companies using other mainnets and to give variety to game use." .

In addition, the fact that members, including CEO Jeong-yeop Shin, had experience in rebuilding existing IPs, was also cited as a characteristic and strength of Metaplanet compared to other P&E game companies.

CEO Shin said, "In the era of P&E games, the past IP is in the spotlight. Working with the fast-changing blockchain industry, game planning and development tend to proceed faster as well. In order to keep pace with this pace, new, It is more efficient to use the past IP than to plan the game. "

At the same time, he said, "The ability to quickly discover past IPs is also necessary. Metaplanet has the ability to discover past IPs based on experiences and quickly apply blockchains by grabbing a point. We can develop everything from casual games to RPGs and social casinos. Because we have the ability to do this, we plan to focus on securing a lineup and launching new products quickly this year.” The various attempts experienced in the game industry in the past are creating synergy with the characteristics of the P&E market.

These days, there is a strong trend that the purpose of virtual assets should be clear in order to increase their value. For this reason, the strength of Metaplanet, which has game development capabilities, is further highlighted.

Crypto Fishing in global service on Metaplanet.

Crypto Fishing in global service on Metaplanet.
CEO Jeong-yeop Shin said, "If cryptocurrencies are not based on real values, they will have a multi-level selling characteristic. The case of selling blockchain goods first even though the game has not been released is because of this temptation. Sometimes I think that the game is not leading the way. If the quality of the game is poor and the number of cases of roughly creating and attaching only cryptocurrency increases, I worry a lot that the value of the game will decrease."

In addition, "The METAQ project is linked to the actual game and the usage is clear, so I do not think it will collapse in vain. There are good and bad ways to handle blockchains and NFTs, and any developer in the relevant industry will know them all. P&E I think it is  dangerous if the game is developed only with a reward structure. In order to have stability, I think that NFT elements must be introduced so that users can have ownership and exercise it, and companies must support it."

CEO Shin is currently working on the METAQ project in an effort not to fall for this temptation. It is because we know that we can attract users and generate sales by focusing only on profitability, but on the other hand, if we make such a decision, uncontrollable things can happen.

Nevertheless, CEO Shin emphasized that the P&E market will continue in a positive direction and that Metaplanet can play its role.

He said, "The P&E game market seems to be dreaming so far, but in the meantime, we are struggling to inform that the use of our METAQ coin is certain. The chaos of the P&E game market will also be sorted out and developed as various revenue models collide. We will continue to walk steadily by utilizing our own mainnet and IP utilization capabilities.”