Metaplanet, IR speech at Seoul Money Show 2022

Metaplanet (CEO Shin Jeong-yeop) announced on the 23rd that it participated in the Seoul Money Show 2022 IR Speech, which ended on the 14th.

For the past two years, Seoul Money Show has maintained its audience through an on-offline hybrid method even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the perfect offline event attracted more than 45,000 spectators.

At this year's money show, 65 financial experts in major fields such as domestic and foreign stocks, real estate, virtual currency, and life design held 38 seminars, and investment IR (information sessions) for NFT and blockchain startups were also prepared.

At the Seoul Money Show 2022, the CEO of Metaplanet delivered the future and value of the MetaQ project in front of VCs, JCs, Korea NFT Contents Association, financial companies, and individual investors.

The CEO of Metaplanet said, “We are living in an era where start-ups can outperform large companies.” “Metaplanet is already ready, and it is growing rapidly as there are technical staff and working staff with an excellent experience. I'm proud of my speed," he said.

Metaplanet recently held the grand opening of NFT-P&E game Crypto Fishing, and demonstrated its full 3D graphics implementation technology and blockchain mainnet-based customized NFT game in HTML5, which allows you to run the game without a separate download.

The CEO of Metaplanet said, “I am grateful that through this event, the value and technology of Metaplanet are not lost and can see the light through the interest of related organizations and investors. We will do our best to ensure that Crypto Fishing and the games released as the next work fit well with the real economy.”