Hearing the future of blockchain games... KGMA Hosts NFT/Blockchain Conference

The ‘Korea NFT Blockchain Game Conference’ will be held at the International Convention Hall of the Gyeonggi Creative Innovation Center in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province on June 23.

This event is hosted by the Korea Game Media Association (CEO Lee Taek-soo) and sponsored by ZDNet Korea (CEO Kim Kyung-mook). The main agenda of the conference is a new world opened by Korean game companies.

WeMade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk will deliver a keynote speech under the theme of “Inter-game economy, the future of blockchain games.” In the keynote speech, Wimix Play, an open game platform that can be serviced in Wemix 3.0, NFT-based DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) new economy, and DeFi service that will enable all finance will be introduced.

In addition, officials from companies that are conducting and preparing for blockchain games and NFT-related businesses such as Com2uS Holdings, XL Games, and Sandbox Network will also participate and give lectures. The speakers predict what positive impact NFT and blockchain concepts can have on the game industry, and introduce points to note for this.

Lee Jong-seok, head of Com2uS Holdings, gives a lecture on the topic of 'C2X: Game x NFT' and explains the achievements of the C2X blockchain platform so far and its value as a game platform. Deputy CEO Park Jeong-ho of Monoverse will showcase random box NFT sales and own NFT minting using Binance Marketplace, and Rising Wings PD Choi Soo-young will introduce the ‘Animal Lives Matter’ project and talk about the synergy between NFT and partially paid games.

In addition, Choi Gwan-ho, CEO of XL Games, forecasts the future blockchain game market from the perspective of an MMORPG developer, and Han Jang-cum, vice president of Sandbox Network, explains the flow of NFT and metaverse within the blockchain ecosystem. A lecture by Minsu Kim, the head of Metaverse, who recently established the meta headquarters and started to connect NFT and blockchain concepts in the metaverse space, was also scheduled.

In addition, Xsolla's global payment solution Xsolla Payment and NFT payment solution introduction by Lee Min-koo, business development manager, and NFT and blockchain combination experienced through global services of Metaplanet CEO Shin Jeong-yeop, who is targeting the global blockchain game market with Crypto Fishing Lectures on ecosystems will also follow.

Lee Taek-su, president of the Korea Game Media Association, said, “NFT and blockchain concepts are emerging as important issues in the global game industry. These days, access to NFTs and blockchain is needed to compete in the global market. The Korea NFT-Blockchain Game Conference will be an opportunity to become a stepping stone for a change in perception by examining cases of domestic game companies that have entered this market early and are increasing their competitiveness.”