Metaplanet METAQ is Expending It"s Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Project Scar (S.C.A.R) X Nova1492 Collaboration NFT Development

Metaplanet announced a surprise news that it will issue a Web 3.0-based customized NFT for user growth along with preparation for its next work in the second half of the year.
The company plans to make various attempts to further develop the existing blockchain METAQ project ecosystem.
Metaplanet announced on the 21st that it will jointly develop and pre-sell collaboration NFTs with Project Scar (S.C.A.R) and Game Nova 1492.

Metaplanet will jointly develop and introduce collaboration NFTs with Project Scar (S.C.A.R) and game Nova 1492.

S.C.A.R project is a business that issues NFTs based on 'Alien', Nova 1492 is summarized as a strategic simulation (RTS) game that debuted in 2002.
As S.C.A.R received attention in May to the extent that it recorded the first pre-sale of the NFT collection and the complete sale of the white list minting, good results are expected for the collaboration. Leading talents, including former Samsung Blockchain Global Business Department Lead David Ham and Professor Maeng Sung-ryul of Wooseok University, a domestic UFO expert, participated in the project, centering on Kang Deok-ho, head of the NFT Business Department.
In addition, the company will continue to provide various game-related functions, including Nova 1492, and plans to introduce additional NFT functions in conjunction with the release of the game in the future.

MetaPlanet's own cryptocurrency METAQ Coin is listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange MEXC.

MetaPlanet has started such collaboration to expand the ecosystem of METAQ and increase its market share.
The METAQ project was born on the basis of high technology. In addition to the Meta Cube mainnet, which has high speed and stability, integrated NFT platforms have been implemented centering on virtual asset (cryptocurrency) Meta Cube coins.
In particular, METAQ is recognized for its advanced technology and market dominance in the domestic and foreign NFT P2E markets, so the company explained that it will take a more active step to quickly enter a new NFT project tailored to the development of Web 3.0 technology.
A METAQ official said, "We are planning to pre-sell the NFT of the next game between August and September. Until the release of the game, we will provide a staking function in the first version." and "After the release of the game, we will update the second version with a new function that can affect play in the game."

He added, "This issue of collaboration NFT will also lead to expansion of ecosystems tailored to the Web 3.0 era and entry into the market into a new type of growth type (upgrade) NFT."
In addition, Metaplanet attracted attention by introducing the METAQ project at the 'Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference' organized by the Korea Game Media Association last month.